When the passion for wine becomes an entrepreneurial challenge

A vocation born in the lands of Troia

A passionate adventure by Marcelllo Salvatore, an entrepreneur who has been in the winemaking trade since the beginning of the new millennium. He hails from Troia, a an elegant town known for its art and architecture, set on the rolling hills of the Monti Dauni.
An engineer and expert in renewable energy, Marcello decided to throw himself into oenology thanks to his contact with the current production of this area. It is situated to the east of Foggia, one of the most important areas of the tradition of Nero di Troia.

At the forefront of Puglian excellence, the wine is made from native vines with a truly black fruit, which give it its intense ruby colour. Its success is owed not only to its extraordinary aroma and flavor, but also to the bewitching power of its most profound essence. An essence which recounts an ancient story, one which evokes the myth of Diomede, the hero of the battle of Troy, or Frederick II’s great love for his land in the Capitanata.
This harmonic blend of energies brought out the urgent desire in this Foggian engineer to accept the challenge and experiment in a new professional field. It was also a sort of spiritual journey in the search for his “roots”. A new project to dedicate to his mother.
And so the idea to follow this unexpected vocation for winemaking, soon brought Marcello to purchase some fertile land, create state-of-the-art production plants and gather together a dynamic and motivated team driven by young oenologists

An ambitious project dedicated to his mother, Elda.